Welcome to State Street's Developer Portal. This will provide a quick start for all our consumers to start their in their digital transformation journey with State Street. Here, one can learn about the API services provided by us and can subscribe the API, if it's capable of delivering the needs of their application.  If you are new to State Street Developers, use this section to understand various aspects of our portal.



To start using your API products, you must need a Developer account. If you don't possess an account, then

  • For Client Developers, please work with your Client Relationship Manager at State Street to get an access.
  • For State Street Developers, please use your existing LAN Credentials.

Once you have the necessary access, please navigate to the Login page where you'll be prompted for your credentials. Once the credentials are verified, you can start using our API Portal to it's maximum potential.


Explore API Offerings

Browse through our diverse API offerings using the API Catalog section of our portal. API Catalog is a collection of all the APIs being offered by State Street under one roof. Before you select an API for your Application, you can explore the catalog, navigate to your desired APIs and read out it's summary, license. However, before testing out our APIs, an API key is essential to access it. Once you get the key information, you can query and test out various parameters from the API Catalog.



State Street API requests requires an OAuth 2.0 token in order to authenticate and process the request. Just head to Get your Keys section and follow the steps to get the key credentials. Upon approval, the user will receive his Client ID and Client Secret. Client ID is the public identifier of the application. It’s used in every call to uniquely identify the API request originator. Client Secret is the private identifier of the application.  It serves as a password so safeguard the application.


Testing Out APIs

  • Navigate to the API Catalog page to view the list API.
  • Click on the API for which the App is created.
  • Click on Authorize, a popup window appears and provide the Consumer key and secret saved before to get authorized.
  • Close the window and select any operations visible on page.
  • Click on Try it out and provide the values for required fields.
  • Click on Execute to invoke the API and get response back.



These are the URLs for the endpoints to get the tokens.




Roadblocks & Feedback

If you face any roadblock or require any additional support, you can refer to our Support page for further details. Additionally, you can reach out to our API Support Team at along with the details of your suggestions or queries.