Get Credentials

  1. Navigate to the Login Page and provide the State Street account credentials when prompted.
  2. Navigate to the Apps page and select the desired App.
  3. Within the dropdown page, the consumer can obtain Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.


Generating Access Token

At State Street, security is of paramount importance. Hence, in order to access our API Services, the consumer needs to possess an Access Token to tap into our APIs. If you need further guidance on Generating Access Token, please navigate to our Access Token Information page. 


Rest API Call

Before integrating the API in the desired project, the consumer can try small scale API invocation by the following steps :  

  1. Navigate to API Catalog page to view the list API. Click on the API for which your App is created  
  2. On clicking Authorize, a popup window would appear. Provide your Consumer Key and Secret Key for authorization.
  3. Once authorized, close the window and navigate to your desired endpoint.
  4. Click on Try it out and provide the values for required fields Click on Execute to invoke the API and get response back.

If you require further information on integrating our API in your project, please visit our REST API Invocation guide.